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Originally Posted by MichelleZed View Post
Tinyblu, you always refer to your boyfriend's potential other partners as "toys". Do you understand that if he's really poly, he might be pursuing real relationships with other women--like, serious ones? Poly people don't just have "escapades" with outside partners. I hope this has been explained to you.
Yes, it still seems that the OP doesn't quite understand what poly is about, but I wonder if that is because her bf is using the label polyamory while actually just playing at polyfuckery.

Originally Posted by Tinyblu View Post
. . . the woman was actually not a toy at all . . .
No woman is ever a toy! Referring to her as a toy reflects more about the person saying those things than the woman herself. Seeing a person as an object is extremely disrespectful.

The only exception, of course, is if there is some consent on someone's part to be in the role of a toy, in kinky D/s games or something (I'm sure there is something like that out there), but that doesn't apply here.
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