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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
My 16yo would be too if he didn't have to be out the door at 6:40am everyday , but he will at least hibernate in his room. Oh, I miss the 8pm bedtimes.
LOL, yeah, no kidding!!

You know another thing that's beeng going through my head-- not really poly related at all, just life stuff-- is what the HELL does it mean to be happy?

I know that my whole life has been kind of chaotic, lots of moving, lots of starting over, lots of shaking up of things. And I never have really FELT happy. I've had some happy moments to be sure, and some great times and fun. But lately I'm seeing that my whole life I've been trying to find some happiness. By trying to be "perfect" (or as close as I could get), to learning more about stuff, to whatever-- it's all been in this wierd quest to be happy. Like "If I could just do x--- I'll be happy." And now that I think about it I don't even know what happy is. I am guessing it's not some big holy grail out in the distance that I'm striving for... but I think that's just exactly what I've been doing.

Maybe my life as it is is as good as it gets. Maybe I am asking too much of people, and myself especially. Maybe life is just... life. Sometimes messy, sometimes sad, sometimes exciting. Maybe this is just it.
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