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I've had a see-saw couple of days. Yesterday I spent the day with J-kun, a nice relaxing afternoon before class. My husband wanted to go to the club to try to get to know A-san better. My hubby is interested in her but she doesn't know him like at all. =p Anyway neither she nor J-kun was interested in going...which was a little happy with because I was not quite ready for that yet.

My husband has not yet had a secondary of his own and though I really want him to have the experience, it is not an easy idea to get used to. Also, I don't really know A-san very well...but so far she hasn't made me too weary of what she might be like.

Anyway the plan is we will all go to the club on Friday together, which is exciting.

Today I had a typical retarded girl moment day...the kind where I get all paranoid about what people (read: J-kun) think about me and need to have a converstaion. So of course there were people around us AT ALL TIMES today...making that pretty much impossible until everyone dispersed and he said "whelp gonna watch some tv before class" and went off to do that. So I fretted for a while...then finally went back in and talked to him. As usual, DUMB GIRL. Totally nothing to worry about and he defiantly made me certain that yes, I can talk to him, and no, I don't have to worry so much.

So. Things are going well. Time to relax and let things do as they will.
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