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Hello people. Guess I'll just start my own little thread here in regards to my life. Brief history: Married 5 years to my wife, together for 7 since college. No kids but one Lab. A year ago wifey confessed that she was falling in love with her coworker and that she didn't want to lose me: Meaning she wanted both of us. My initial reaction was anger and I called bullshit. So we went on a unstable route for the next few months until I "gave in," after boundaries were established between the 3 of us. It was either boundaries or divorce. I will be honest to letting my resentment stir in the first few months of this starting but I got my feelings out into the air and now I'm a lot more comfortable with our current relationship of 9 months. And I gradually grew close to the guy. He's nice to both of us and is down-to-earth and not arrogant.

I still wonder whether am I the "little one" in this relationship but I try not to stress out over that. It's like a sort of vibe that's rubbing off on me and I can't quite place a finger on it. Wife says I need to stop over analyzing and just relax.
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