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Calm down and get to the therapist. I think you're in the area of trying to un-ring bells. Sitting and worry about all the different scenarios that "could" be taking place is exhausting and futile. If and when he fucks up will be time to address those concerns. Sky.... still not falling.

I really don't see Sundance as this evil genius ...who had a long term plan to have an outside relationship ....and to deny you the same. The manipulation is all predicated on knowing the reaction. If there was no reaction ....or a positive reaction this theory falls apart very quickly.

Gaslight good movie...also twlight zone episode but I think it a little early...and with out any evidence to make that leap. Once in a paranoid mindset your brain can manufacture all kinds of evidence I think should be careful here.


It was a golf metaphor ... Mulligan is a golf term.... it is a do over. So I was just keeping it with in the same sport. And no hitting off the ladies Tee's does not mean sex just meant giving him very a slight break. The ladies Tee box is set closer to the hole because the difference in upper body strength .... giving strokes the same thing.

No I didn't read the entire article but from what you said I think that the article should have been written with the focus on selfish expectations and not on how life's not fair. I'll go back and read it....see how far off I am

Again ....fairness that starts with compassion would you plug that in here .....
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