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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
Wait a minute people, we only have one side of the story here. How dare you all judge Sundance when he hasn't even had the chance to speak for himself.

Sun could post here if he wanted, he's chosen not to. All we have to go on is Carma's story so what should we do, just not say anything when our take on the situation is that he's not acting in the best ways or with the best motives?

I think that Mag's call of gaslighting makes a lot of sense and fits with some of the things Carma has told us. He may not realize exactly what he's doing. Or Mag may be wrong, but IF she's right the info could really help Carma in understanding their dynamic, talking to him about how his behavior affects her, and helping her decide what to do.

I don't see this board as a place where we try not to judge, I see it as a place where we try to help.
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