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I guess I feel like I shouldnt have to explain to every random person I introduce my friends/lovers to 'why I decided' to be friends or date them. It seems like a conversation about the complexities of my inter-connected relationships is far too informal for a formal situation where just introducing them as a person would suffice. If someone is interested to ask questions, then maybe I could go into more detail one on one.

It would be like asking a married person "why did you two get married", as soon as you meet them. Such a loaded question! So many variables that contribute to the 'why'. It's kinda past the line of polite conversation in my book.

If you are friends with someone & want to tell them about your relationship well then sure, use the terminology that you would like, but in my experience it will take just as long to explain it & then explain the terminology. lol I have found that describing the needs they fulfill is more clear; the amount of time, resources, etc whatever determining factor you use. No one's needs are the same so no label is going to fit everything.
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