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I know people who swear by quirky little ways of self talking while communicating to remind themselves of what they are trying to achieve. I see no problem with that if it works. It doesn't seem "silly" at all. If it gets you to a place where you can incorporate the communication style into your life without the self talk about little play on words, then great! Some people thrive on that stuff. I am not a big fan of it... to empathetic I think, I thrive on my got reaction in communicating... but I do remember and do go over the many tricks and lessons learned on how to communicate sometimes as a way to remember why I communicate the way I do. It reminds me of what works for me, what doesn't and what I could work on or have forgotten about.

My ultimate goal is to be the best I can be in communicating with EVERYONE... not just partners. I realize this isn't everyone's goal... but it is mine. Its part of what I value; being considerate of others at all times.
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