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Ideally... which until five years ago I wouldn't have even understood nor brought up the subject... ideally... it's almost impossible and I assume as much for most people whatever sexually/gender/categorized inclined... I wish I understood the family dynamics that could be enhanced in a poly-amorous lifestyle while my children were young... thankfully, they grew up in a multicultural household and so still had the support of multiple family members that came and went freely. my children's father and I went our separate ways I began to explore things in life... my own wants and needs (becoming selfish to an extent that I wanted to finally be happy) and unfortunately it took me until now to realize that what could be better than two mothers, two fathers, four people loving each other, caring, sharing, giving advice, taking care of the young ones. Not even necessarily parents, but friends... ideally this is what I want... a female friend I can call my sister and two males that I can consider my best friends in life, sexually and family-wise... I know it's possible, I just don't know if in this lifetime or the next 20 lifetimes that this coordination of personalities could ever occur... yeah, I expect a lot and that's kinda' why I'm not even sure that I'm poly-amorous... I just know that personally I have more love to give than to just one person, I love my mate, but sometimes I just wonder. ...and that may be all it is... I'll probably never know.
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