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Originally Posted by purplelotus View Post
My thought is that since I'm not seeing anyone else right now, why not just enjoy what I do have! So, is it OK for a non-poly to be a part of this? Even though I don't see myself going poly, I can be very fun and adventurous....
I think it sounds like you would be fine with it, it sounds like he and his wife would be. I don't see a problem. Make sure you make it clear to him that you are and imagine you always will be mono.

Make sure he understands what you expect of him in the relationship, and that if some other fella comes along who sweeps you off your feet and can offer you something more than this relationship can that there is a possibility you may have to end what you have with him.

As long as everyone involved has the same expectations and everyone is ok with it, it's your lives and your relationship. Live it as you please.
Male, married, new here, not quite poly. (but poly curious)
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