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I love all of you guys who posted here. HUGS, I am about to rant...

This is why I stopped trying to label everything I do.
This is why I stopped trying to label others.
This is why I stopped trying to FIT POLYAMORY into a MONOGOMOUS societies standards for relationships.
This is why I just call people by their names. THEIR names
This is SALLY, JOHN, they came here with me, meet JILL. Boom done.

No judgments, no assumptions, so simple.

This is why I just say, "I love this person & this person & this person".
So there. I don't care what the rest of the world wants to call me, or wants me to call them, or what I do, or whom I do it with.

I stopped calling my boyfriend "my primary" & started calling him by his Name!
He is not MINE, not my property. He is him & I love him & he loves me, not my label.
Try it, it feels great!

I love people, I relate with other people, I have relationships with other people who are definitely individuals in their OWN right & they have their own personal names & THEY are free to describe themselves to the world& others as they see fit. I don't need to do that for them.

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