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Imagine that you were living in a culture that expected you to be polyamorous, rather than monogamous, and which in various ways punished you for not fitting in with what that society expected and demanded of its "normal" people. Were you to feel more inclined toward a monogamous love-style, and follow your own inclinations -- despite the many challenges which would arise in being true to yourself --, would't that provide you with an opportunity to stretch, learn and grow?

I have been tremendously challenged as one growing up as a queer boy/man in a homophobic and heterosexist society, and now that I'm opening up to polyamory in a bigger way, I'm likewise being challenged by that opportunity to accept and embrace -- and unfold, express -- and love who and what I am as I am.

There are perhaps no special advantages to being polyamorous as opposed (or contrasted) to/with monoamory. But it is always good to be true to who we are in the face of unthinking adversaries and adversities.

Well, and then there's the thing about variety being the spice of life! Isn't it?! I love variety. I also love huevos rancheros for breakfast -- but not EVERY DAY, thank you!

There's no shame in my not wanting to eat huevos rancheros for every breakfast, is there?
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