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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Just for clarification, I see the sort of terms we're looking for not as being for the general public, nor as for using on a day to day basis with your partner(s) but rather for descrbing *types* of relationships within our community.

For example, on this board, you might find yourself typing "Maris is my girlfriend of 6 months, we've decided that ours is in most ways a secondary relationship, and..." or "My partner Alan and I don't believe in marriage, but we've been together for 6 years and ours is definitely an anchor relationship, and..." Re-read the original post for more clarification on why such terminology can be helpful.
A secondary relationship is a relationship that comes second. It's the literal meaning and that shouldn't change. I do understand that it could help some people who think that way, but they should really get the misinterpretations out of their head instead.

I can definitely understand how there can be a lot of strength in a relationship that has been going a lot longer than a newer one, but that doesn't mean the newer one has to be of a lower class. Doesn't even mean there is less love.

Another interpretation I thought of when marriage and "anchor" were brought up was "sinking". =P Possibly for another thread though.
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