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Originally Posted by violet View Post
What you said here resonates deeply. I think a lot of this is how HMA has been feeling toward me with everything I'm feeling toward Anne. I THINK it gets out what he's been trying to tell me the last couple weeks. If that's the case, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get a jump-start on understanding.

...I still don't get it all the way. But it helped.
You are welcome. I only know I had to get it out. I have tried every way I know how to help Maca and nothing I do seems to work. Somedays I just feel OVERFULL of all the painful emotions he's carrying in him.

I kept seeing Mono posting just a "what is on my mind" type of thread that seemed cathartic to him simply because he posted it and then RP said something about taking a break from other people's issues and I realized I needed to write out my feelings. And it helped me too. I hope it helps Maca to understand me better too.
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