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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
I'm scratching my head over this. Disappointment in your pov about sex in your life? Why would anybody be disappointed with that, poly or mono? I've not encountered any of that sort of thing among the polyfolk I know here, so I wonder what it is that has you fretting about that where you are.

Is it common among the polyfolk in your area to expect some specific approach to sex? That strikes me as odd.
again, old thread.

Problem solved though because I don't hang out with people who have sex with people they are friends with who brag about it. The bragging part was what I struggled with. I used to get a stunned look of WTF from people who were likely not understanding me, wondering why I wasn't willing to partcipate, who told me details that made me feel ill and were probably wondering why I was having a identity crisis.

Its working for me now. New friends, new identity and I feel comfortable enough to talk about it all without imploding in my head
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