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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
It does take practice to actually make changes in how we communicate. I have found that I do have to think about it, but because what I was doing before wasn't working, it is necessary. When I get really riled, I tend to stray into unrelated topics. Which is kinda like using a machine gun aimed from the hip. Point, shoot, empty clip, "Opps, you mean I was supposed to aim before shooting?" So now I hear a phrase from Star Wars go through my head, but instead of "Stay on Target", it's "Stay on Topic", repeating over and over in my head.
Agreed. When I get angry I can't seem to use proper "I" statements that own my feelings. I never intend to blame anyone, but I do because of how accustomed I am to that style of communication. It takes really careful thought to change that in the heat of the moment, and I am still struggling with it.
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