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"Is your love for M such that you can't be the person Mountainboy loves without M?

i don't believe i can be the person he loves without M, because i am so unhappy i don't believe that montianboy wants me to be unhappy.

i agree we all need to talk,
and i agree that they need to make peace
i know it will take time, and it won't happen all at once but i believe it can happen,

at the moment M is in the middle of a messy breakup,
(yes he was also in a relationship when we saw each other the first time) which i know is wrong,
but at the moment because of how complicated things are, we have agreed that we will be friends for now, and not see each other in person until we can get some of this sorted because M does not want me to break up with montianboy, he knows how unhappy i would be if i lost montianboy and things are just very complicated.

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