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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
The whole idea of poly is that you can love more than one person, and that a new relationship can actually make an old relationship stronger rather than weaker.
IcySiren, pay attention to this woman: she is seriously on-track! (But then I suspect that I'm in love, and worship the thread that she walks on.)

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Even if I didn't ever see Eric, I'd like to think that I'd make his relationship with Gia stronger because she'd be happier and when someone is happy they can give more of themselves. I would never, ever try to break them up, and hopefully any potential new flame of yours would come into things with a poly mindset of multiple-loves-are-good instead of the more traditional mindset of society at large which would have him say "she must love me and *only* me" and would be respectful of your marriage.
While M and I were still in the relationship, but living over 1000km apart (LDR), whenever she wrote that she'd fallen in love, I'd feel happy. (Part of it was: "Well, if I can't be with her, at least there's somebody else making her feel good.")

I also back up that last piece of advice. And beware of cowboys! Cowboys are men (Cowgirls are women) who pretend to be poly-friendly in order to start a relationship with a poly person who's already in a relationship, when their real intention [sometimes not known to themselves at first?] is to steal that poly person all for themselves.
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