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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post

It's not something you can even say WILL happen. You do the work, you see how far it gets you. Each step is an accomplishment in itself, but no step is a guarantee of reaching the last step.
this is where i get selfish
i am not willing to cut him out again, and not willing to say that i might not see him again because i know that if i give any hope that M can be cut out montianboy will cling onto this hope and focas on that and we will be back to square one,

so i say that yes i am going to see M again
but i am willing to be patiant to give you time and us time

we spent a year building trust between us again
and we have managed for me to see other men and that being ok
and now i am talking to M,
things are going very slowly, but i am not able to promise that i won't see him if montianboy tells me that he can't handle it becuase that is not a promise i can keep,

i am well aware how selfish that is, i wish i was a nice enough person to always put his happyness before my own but i can't, i dont want to spend my life unhappy and what kind of relationship would i have with montianboy anyway if i am losing my mind

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