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Just to add a new angle:

The stereotype I had (in my own head) of a bisexual man is totally the opposite of what's being discussed here.

I imagined (without putting a lot of thought into it) that the "typical" bisexual man would be hyper-masculine, hyper-sexual, dominant, interested in sex over emotions, and not particularly self-reflective or introspective.

I suppose I was thinking of some historical research I've done on sexuality in Roman times (which is slightly different than the Greek views of sex). A properly masculine, upper-class Roman man was expected to have a high sex drive and to desire both women and men. (Actually, not so much men as boys, and more specifically, slave boys).

Obviously, that's not at all relevant today, but for some reason I did have a notion in the biased recesses of my mind that a bi man would be promiscuous and dominant.

And I do think that both bi men and bi women suffer from a stereotype that because they are bi, they must be more sexual and more promiscuous than the average straight person. They're bi, so that means they must just be not very particular! Or else they must want "one of each"!

On the other hand, to arrive at the conclusion that you are bi (and to identify as bi rather than as gay, straight, or simply bi-curious), you probably have had to become more in tune with your sexuality, and perhaps more open to experimentation, than the average straight person.

(I'm a straight person, but not average!)
Single, straight, female, solo, non-monogamous.
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