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I have spent basically all of my adult life in committed, long term relationships--mainly two of them. The first lasted about six years. The second is still going at 15+ years. The first was entirely mono. The second has been mostly mono in effect/experience while being mostly poly in theory and design. Thing is, neither myself or my partner (Kevin) has
found or been found by anyone suitable for long term love, until recently. And I don't really do casual sex. And he mostly doesn't either, especially lately. So, in effect, I've been mono in effect, or something like that, most of my life. Until recently. Only difference being, until recently, that Kevin & I are cool about the other finding--or being found by--another love, or two.

While I've had snuggles and cuddles and lots of hugs and a few kisses with others (apart from Kevin) over the last several years, that's as far as it has gone. I guess I'm just pretty damned selective. And whenever I haven't been highly selective things have gone pretty bad, fast.

I'm not looking to complete a set of two, "one of each". By chance, my Faraway Sweetie
is female. That's pretty neat! But not planned.
bi, partnered, available

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