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Originally Posted by ladyjools View Post
[I]when i start a new relationship, i have hopes that we will work on that relationship and build it before that person then introduces another person, becuase i feel more insecure about R who i haven't been seeing long, having a relationship with someone else than i do about C - (montianboy)

becaues with montianboy i trust him 100 percent, and so there is very little insecurity on my part that he will decide that he likes the new partner more than me

but with R
we have not built that kind of solid fondation and trust (yet)
and so i am not ok with him starting another relationship until we have that

establish one relationship fondation at a time,
This is a FANTASTIC way to put it. One relationship foundation at a time, indeed! Personally, I then take it from there as you can only build and maintain so many at a time. Time, like I said, is FINITE.
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