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^Totally cool! And I'm really looking forward both to your visit with JJ and your week-long-visit!

I'm exited to see what it will be like having first Mya and JJ stay for the weekend. And still more exited for the week Mya comes here. The week will be quite a new experience, since I'll spend most of the nights with Mya. Current plan is 5 or 6 nights of the week and one or two with Alec. I feel that's reasonable, since it'll then be another 3 weeks before Mya can visit again, so I'll spend more time with her, but I think I'll still want to spend at least one night with Alec in the middle of the week. We haven't really talked a lot about it with Alec yet, so I'll have to check how he feels about the night-divide in plans.

Fortunately we've got good physical space to arrange that. I really like the possibilities our apartment has, even though it's a one-bedroom flat. The bedroom and the living room are both quite big with good doors, so sound doesn't travel much, and the bathroom is in between them. I feel that it's easy to make the arrangements so that there is private space for anybody wanting it and also for both couples. Also, Alec will be working by then (he just got a job, yay!!!), so we'll all be busy during days but the time periods may be a bit different. When we started our poly relationship, the thing I was most anxious was dividing my time between partners, but it seems there'll be plenty of my time for both of them.
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