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It's been such a nutty week. Change seems to be afoot. Maybe it's a September thing. September is one of those times for new starts and for new things to happen. Although nothing is directly happening to me I am feeling the ripples from the changes around me.

On Wednesday evening my husband and his girlfriend ended their romantic relationship and that same night a friend of mine broke up with her partner as well. In both cases these were relationships where the people involved were not going in the same direction. It happens and it sucks, especially when there is still a great deal of caring for each other. It's much easier to break something off when you've been wronged or if you've come to a place of no longer liking each other. But to break up because you know it's the kindest thing to do for both of you is a hard place to be.

I do wonder if my husband's relationship ending is partially my fault. I didn't always behave or react in a pleasant manner towards his gf. It was a first time thing for me and I was learning. Things I wasn't expecting would come up for me and I have a tendency to react to emotions before thinking them through first. I did try to stay out of things almost all together once I figured out that there wasn't much of a chance that the 2 of us would ever be good friends. There are things I know about myself now and I hope that I have the skills now to be able to see an issue coming and talk about it before it blindsides me with jealousy.

There's also a great deal of turbulence in my roller derby league. I think we're still experiencing growing pains. Eventually it will all shake out and (hopefully) most members of the league will be happy again. As long as I get to skate I'm not sure I care what happens politically. Although I would like for everyone in the league to be respectful towards one another again.

I went out with RP last night for a much needed light and fun date night. We got to play dress up and go to a movie. I'm so thankful for her. I have someone in my life who is just as willing as I am to go out and be silly. I appreciate her energy so much.
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