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"And the new couples were not secure in their trust in one another the way they were in their marriages. "

this really made me think,
it takes time to build up that kind of trust and security.

when i start a new relationship, i have hopes that we will work on that relationship and build it before that person then introduces another person, becuase i feel more insecure about R who i haven't been seeing long, having a relationship with someone else than i do about C - (montianboy)

becaues with montianboy i trust him 100 percent, and so there is very little insecurity on my part that he will decide that he likes the new partner more than me

but with R
we have not built that kind of solid fondation and trust (yet)
and so i am not ok with him starting another relationship until we have that

establish one relationship fondation at a time,

in the long run, i am happy for all my partners to have other partners, but actualy this has made me think about having a chat with R about my feelings on this becuase even though we have touched on it we have not went into depth, he says at the moment he is happy with just me but i think we need to have a think about how we want things in future and how long we want to take to establish the relationship we are currently building.

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