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We've had a good amount of skype time with rory this week. I like skype a lot. It's as close as you can get to an actual face to face conversation with the webcam and all. Obviously I still miss her touch, but yey, only few days to go until we see each other! Today we talked about the future and how I'm going to spend quite a lot of time there. We were thinking that I should bring my toothbrush and few other things and leave them there. It's almost like taking the first steps to moving in together! I actually like the thought of having few of my own things there, like it's my second home. It makes me all warm inside.

After we've spent the weekend at rory and Alec's, me and JJ are going to take a 2 week trip. After that he goes back home and I go visit my friends from my time working abroad and then spend a week at rory and Alec's again. So I'm going to be away from home for like a month! It's cool to have a job where I can do that.
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