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hes Montianboy is C,
R and M have not joined this forum
was tempted to give R the link but think il deal with this first before i get a whole heap of stuff thrown at me from an even diffrent perspective lol

thankyou so much for your input it helps me a lot, and i hope it will help mountianboy

yes i know i am asking a lot
i cut M out of my life for over a year,
no contact, no phone, msn, meeting in person nothing i cut him out and i tried to forget him, i dated other guys and i tried to move on... i felt like i was losing my mind, i kept telling myself if i kept going ignoring my feelings they would go away and they just didn't

there where nights id cry so hard because i missed him that i was sick

that does not justify my hurting Montianboy though, but that is just my reaons why i can't do it anymore, after over a year and still feeling like im still in love with him and losing my mind i feel like i need to try something diffrent, even if it is a huge risk, its got to be better than how horrible i felt inside having M cut out of my life

at the moment i have not seen M in person, we are only talking over phone and msn, but i already i feel 100 times better and more alive than i did when i was not talking to him at all.

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