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yes that does make sense violet
and i agree with you on time issues,

"why in FUCK do you need more?! There comes a point where I feel it just gets greedy, lol. I'm not bashing anyone in a quad or anything, "

this is actually something my mum said to me about being poly in first place, why do you need more than one,
the answer is not need, but want, i don't need to be in a relationship at all, it is a choice,

i also don't try and treat all partners equal, because C aka montianboy has been with me for nearly 6 years and we live together he has a diffrent type of relationship with me than R has, becasue thats a new relationship, but i treat them fairly i respect them both and there is the potential for R to to an equal part of my life if our relationship takes us that way,

with M, who is just a friend at the moment,
i am not sure what i want, its confusing, i just know i want him to be a part of my life but i am not sure in what sense,

and then there is B
who is a dear friend but also more, i wish there was a word for friends that are more than friends but not actually partners, and she is someone who will be a part of my life always too, but who i don't devote as much time too becuase that is how our relationship developed

at the moment i think i am managing time ok
and i am not looking for anyone else because i dont' have enough time, but i dont' know what the future holds and i would never rule it out completly,

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