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Originally Posted by ladyjools View Post
"For myself-I don't feel I NEED a closed relationship. But both my men do. "
that makes a lot of sense and iv never considered this,
i am wondering if one of my partners would feel like this was a better option, but then i would wonder why they needed it to be closed,

and there is a part of me that does not want to feel pinned down as soon as i am told that i am not allowed to be a certian way especially if someone is trying to make me act against my own nature then i feel uncomfortable,

like there is a need to escape the rule

which brings up some intresting things for me because obvioulsy there must be a reason why i feel that way,


I love these two men too much not to consider their feelings. C has always been at least as it appeared very very mono. Things could change in light of the new dynamic, having a tight family here (myself, sister, C, the kids and Maca) who all are accepting poly as ok (yes even the kids) may change that.

But as it stands he's mono and Maca is on the fence. So if what they need to be able to give me the depth of love and safety and security that they provide is for me to not have others-so be it! They keep me quite busy anyway!
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