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just wow, you write that out is such a beautiful way,
and actually i could have wrote this myself, it seems we have some similar things going on

i agree with so much,
i am a half full person, i don't think i always was but i most def am now,

"You talk like our whole relationship has been a disaster because I fell in love with someone else.

But I never fell out of love with you."

it is sad but true that often falling in love is viewed in this way, but its not,
i truely believe that my loving R and M, has made me a happier more forfilled person, and its made my love for montianboy even stronger, because we are doing this together and even if it is sometimes the most difficult thing we have ever done, we are still together and we are still fighting for our love and its forcing us to be honest and open up every single little thing so that we can grow closer,

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