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I guess I am in the 'Never say never' category.

For me currently, the beauty of sex, or relationships of any kind, is in the fact that we have the opportunity to constantly evolve, and revolve.

What I wanted 10 years ago, is not what I wanted 5 years ago.
What I wanted 5 years ago, is not what I wanted 1 year ago.
What I wanted 5 WEEKS AGO, is not where I am today.

The only absolute for me, is to keep my mind from being rigid. I may not want something in my life currently,( as sex is therapy ), and if it isn`t making me feel good, now is not the right time for it.

That doesn`t mean those things are bad, that I am superior for not wanting it, or that others are lesser for wanting things differently.

I use to say, I am not interested in casual sex at all, it bores me. For the most part, that is true. Now though, for different reasons. It would not bore me necessarily.
I could think of a few people I`d love to play flying-squirrel with.

However, for me, with my current responsibilities in life, they far out-weigh the benefits (or even risks associated) with a casual sex encounter. It is foolish to think though, it will always be this way. I would be limiting the potential on my life experiences then.

Also,..casual sex isn`t always a a quick time, with no end. I know people who married what was suppose to be their one-night-stands. I know many more who ended up in friendships.

I now have a really great friendship, with someone who was suppose to be a one-time thing, 12 years ago. One night ended up being 4 months,... then we parted ways.
I ended up being his 'whatever happened to her' girl. Back in touch again, We got each others back`s, and have a true friendship. Nothing 'more' will ever evolve.
We are now the friends we were probably always meant to be.
What did we learn from a supposed one-night stand ?

- According to him, he learned more from me, then any other woman, minus his wife. He changed how he handled relationships after me.
He treated the women in his life much better.

- I am learning, how I affected someone. Humbled by it, and realizing friendship can come from anywhere.

Life circles in strange ways. Sex can be 'sacred,' and offer wonderful emotional connections. Those connections can come in mysterious ways, and forms.
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