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No, I don't think that Eric has a heart of stone. Obviously he doesn't.

Wacky idea: Do you think that it would do any good for you to ask him to go over (talk openly about) his experience with Jen? Maybe one-on-one with you. It wasn't clear to me from
Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
That's my secondhand recollection of the whole thing anyway.
whether you got this from Eric, Gia, or both of them. (I'm assuming that it wasn't from other people.) Maybe Eric could do with getting it off his chest without Gia around.

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
It was Eric's firm contention when I tried to feel him out about a possible emotional connection more than a year ago that he doesn't love easily, doesn't know how to be romantic, doesn't want or need an emotional relationship outside of Gia. He said once that it's better to be "a minor villain in the first act" by letting someone know he's not in it for love, than to be the major bad guy at the end of the story by leading someone on.
a) This is only part of the situation. I can respect that he doesn't want to say "I love you". Can't he respect that you do want to say it?

b) How does his "doesn't want or need an emotional relationship outside of Gia" hold up under his present emotional relationship with Bee?

Speaking of whom, I am REALLY looking forward to your report on your first one-on-one babysitting session!

Hugs to you and Bee!
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