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Default My Ice Cream Analogy

My husband was having a tough night with the poly talk, last night. So to further describe where I was coming from I made up an analogy, which explains my feelings perfectly. Perhaps it can help someone too?

Picture that you have a huge dish of chocolate ice cream. It is the tastiest chocolate in the world, you would never replace it. Upon first taste it is incredibly flavorful and awesome! But after eating it for a few minutes, the taste isn't as significant, although it is still delicious, you can't taste the subtle undertones in the chocolate anymore. You know it is still yummy and you love it, but if you tasted a scoop of vanilla, which would taste incredibly yummy at first too, then the chocolate flavor would stand out more. You could better appreciate the chocolate and its undertones again, while also enjoying the vanilla and its undertones as well. Vanilla could never replace chocolate, but chocolate cannot give you what vanilla has, and it shouldn't try, chocolate is delicious just being itself. Why would you just eat only chocolate and risk taking it for granted, not fully appreciating the flavor anymore?

This can be taken further, I am sure. Perhaps it doesn't suit you all, but it is me to a T! Strangely, this example annoyed my husband, lol. I was SO excited when I thought of it! I think it just makes too much sense to him, perhaps he is in denial. Hope you enjoy it!
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