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Originally Posted by Mya View Post
I'm not the target audience for this question since I'm bi myself. But I have to say that I find bisexuality/biamory in a man very attractive... I can see the relation between being bi and being more feminine (soft, kind, emotional...) in a way. My husband is a bit bi-curious and he is like that, which I adore. Obviously this doesn't apply to everyone and you can find the same features in a hetero man and also not find them in a bi man. But because I see the relation between these two things, I'm intrigued if a man tells me he's bi. It's definitely a plus.
I think we might be blurring the line between sexual preference and sexual identity. It's not so much to whom you are attracted than it is to how you identify. Any guy who is more on the trans/queer scale as ID is less likely to ID as a "manly man," John Wayne solider type, and be more on the feminine scale, impelled by their makeup to be more in touch with their feelings, more likely to be into traditionally feminine pursuits (like being discriminating about food and fine wines, clothes shopping, crafting such as sewing, nurturing babies, etc) and less into just cheap beer drinking and sports and cars. There are plenty of "metrosexual" men who are not bi or gay.

I kinda dislike the LGBTQ tag because it covers sexual preference and sexual identity. Trans is sexual identity. Queer can mean preference or identity. LGB is sexual preference.

miss pixi's bf IDs as bi, but right now he's kind of being a douche about her feelings. She'll pour out her heart about her inner feelings, and he'll just go, and I quote, "Yeah people are assholes. Wanna watch TV?"
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