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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Sex usually gets much better for me the more often I do it with a particular person and the closer we are.

Sweet, vanilla sex feels good in a pure, physical way and in a cuddly, close-to-my-partner way. Rough, D/s sex feels deeply engaging in a way that puts me more in touch with myself.
Wow, I had to quote this since it's pretty much excactly how I feel. Although rougher sex feels good in a physical way, too, but it's different pleasure.

I've been thinking a lot about "casual sex" lately, and wondering if I am able to have that. I have very limited experience, but thus far I've only really wanted to be with people I like, and connecting in a sexual way has always deepened my feelings. And I have a hard time separating friend-love from partner-love... I'm not really sure if there is a difference between the types of love. Obviously I have some friends I'm totally platonic with, and I love them just as much. But the ones I have some sexual feelings towards.. I don't think it's really safe for me to go there expecting anything casual.

Then again, even though I can find a (near) stranger hot, in practice I haven't had a situation I would have actually wanted to have sex with them. I've experienced some major sexuality changes in recent years and nowadays I think the same goes generally for men: while I can find one hot I don't actually want to have sex with him. Alec is an exception to that "rule". I think that for me to really want to have sex with someone, I need to have a certain kind of connection with them. A connection which takes a while to form (so it doesn't exist with strangers) and one that I no longer make with men.

This would be my conclusion for now. Obviously, I'll have to re-evaluate if I ever meet a stranger/man I want to fuck.
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