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Questions surrounding birth control have generally not been an issue in my life because none of my boyfriends were at risk of getting pregnant.

Every time I've had sex with a woman -- which I can count on one hand (sigh) -- I wore a condom. I do not especially enjoy condoms. I imagine this is probably true for most guys. (I didn't have genital sex with the only full-on girlfriend I've had because I had not been tested for HIV. This was LONG ago, and I was scared to take the test... and she broke up with me before I tested. The only genital sex I've had with other women was experimental and "casual". *sigh*)

I may well be needing education about birth control options in the future. That is, I will be happy to get my education now, should there be future opportunity to utilize it.

I repeat. I do not much like condoms.

Are birth control pills problematic for many? Side effects and all?

What are the best available options.

I am disease free, STD free.
bi, partnered, available

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