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Thank you River! So much, you're reply brought tears of relief and joy to my eyes as your words had a ring of truth I needed to hear, and sometimes even when our closest loved ones and friends are telling us what we need to hear... it really does help to get the insight of an unbiased un-involved "stranger"

also, I'm glad that this struggle has prompted me to go deeper into myself to find and bring out into the light for healing, whatever wound is there that needs it, and obviously I must be in a very safe secure loving relationship to have such a deep fear come up for healing. and I'm glad it has also prompted me to reach out to others from a much more humble place, to be reminded that I'm not as "enlightened" as I'd like to have thought I was, and I still have room for growth, healing, learning and becoming the Best Me I can be, and loving the most I can love.
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