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Default for those with closed structure?

This came up in another post but thought it best to start a new thread,

i have never thought of my relationship in terms of structure, - until now when i read the post about structure and had a think about it,
i have also never considered closing my relationship(s) so that it is polyfi

perhaps at the moment i think i have no room for anyone new, and i am def not looking for anyone else becuase i don't have enough time,
but i never say never, and its def not closed, if someone totally amazing comes into my life i would not turn them down,

what i am curious about is asking those people who do have a closed structure how that came to be,
did you go about things always with the intention of having a set number of people in the relationship, or did you get to a certian point in you're relationshps and then decide to close?

do you ever meet someone you think you might like to date and feel like you are missing out?

i know these questions are personnal and understand if not everyone is ok to answer,

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