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If we were following a thread all about Sundance struggling to come to terms with Carma's betrayal, I would feel a great deal of compassion for him. Instead, in this thread, we've seen him lie to both Carma and Barbie about BIG things and refuse to stop. I have never once told Carma she was wrong for staying in her marriage and, in fact, I supported her decision to leave Butch in the end. However, in their current predicament I've felt compassion for Carma, Barbie and Butch but NOT for Sundance, because he's acting atrociously! Yes NRE is real, and yes mistakes happen, but no you do not get a mulligan, a free pass with no condemnation or whatever, when your mistakes are pointed out to you again and again and instead of trying to change you blatantly use and lie to a new partner without seeming to even think it's a problem.

It's just not cool.
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