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Originally Posted by justlost View Post
Just found this, what a great idea for support!

I have about 70lbs to lose, lost 20 this last year, during the same time my hubby lost 70!

I have a few health issues that seem to totally kick my ass back to ground zero, over and over and over... but I decided that if I have to CRAWL onto the damn elliptical I will do at least 5 mins every weekday...

today was day three!

That`s the spirit !!

I had health issues last year as well. Grade ll concussion,(that really fucked me up for awhile) and a slow, but eventually found Lupus diagnosis. Mucho stress that didn`t help either !
It all fucked with my weight. I don`t overeat, I work physically, yet I was heavier then normal.
I got those things settled, and now I have dropped 10 lbs in one month. And about 12 lbs back in the spring.

Don`t get discouraged where there is a will, there is a way, and if you gotta crawl, do it ! That was my motto too !
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