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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
I like the idea of changing stories when we tell them to children. But children can be SOOOOOOOO conservative!
If they've already had the story read to them a few times in its usual way and you try to change a single detail, they often protest: "NO NO NO! That's not the way it goes..."
yes that's it!
when my kids were very young they asked me many times to invent a story and next they were asking me to repeate them word by word!

concerning that Grimms tale i quoted as changed by me in the final part, well... i somehow "asked" to my kids something like:
"don't you agree with me that it's not nice that the prince is obliged for morality to chose one and leave the second one to a kind of stranger to her?! the prince same says for hte whole story that he loves both sisters who are so kind and generous and beautiful.."
well, in italy i'd say: ho giocato sporco... that doesn't mean cheating, really.

with Pinocchio by Collodi often i absolutely had to "translate" while reading to the kids the original text changing or omitting some very heavy sentences born from our severe Middle-age
but this has nothing to do with the main thread.
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