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It will make it easier for everyone to be able to tell me what I am doing that bothers them if I don't over react when they tell me. One of my biggest issues was that I am not stupid I know that hubby and his OSO were not happy with me so I kept trying to change who i was with out really knowing what it was that needed changed. I felt like I was changing the rules and myself over and over again trying to make things better but only making them worse.

It is nice that hubby can see things from my point of view too and knows there are things he needs to do to. It doesn't feel all one sided on either side. That makes it easier on everyone because then we aren't defensive all of the time. I want to be able to be friends with my husband again. I really want to be able to be good friends with his OSO too.

I know we will still have our problems, everyone does, but it will be easier to work threw them now. The future doesn't look as bleak now.

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