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Hi Annabel!
I'm trying to get caught up on your beautiful thread. I'm on page 13 just now, with 4 more pages to go to bring me up to date. But this
Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Sure, I could tell him I love him as a friend or I love the role he plays in my life (Gia's suggestion for wording when I first brought it up to her in the winter). But in truth I feel much more than that, so it would feel like a lie. I love to look at him when he's not looking. I smile without meaning to when I see him. He makes me feel warm and relaxed and nervous and protective and turned on, all at the same time.
has set me to searching out on Internet THIS. [Perhaps my favourite song about NOT speaking up about love. I think that you'll probably identify with the emotions... unless you've made progress since then. (What will the next 4 pages reveal???)] You might decide to bring this song to Eric's attention. [Hint hint hint...]

I also looked up the lyrics and have done a rough translation from the Portuguese for you. Poetry never translates perfectly, and I've been careful to keep the lines in the same order, so that you can read the lyrics while listening to the video and know what she's singing while she's singing it, so that leads to a strange sentence order in English:

Every Time by C. Oyens / Zélia Duncan

My heart
- Every time that it sees you -
Wants to shout; to risk
Breaking out in song:
Betraying me to everybody.
It believes that it’s
Out of reach;
And goes and announces me
When you lightly pass by,
Giving me away like that
Completely freely
In this inevitable state
Of passion.
But then I close my eyes
And it [my heart] becomes silent.
My darkness is my shield;
And silent
Is my heart...

[repeat from "And goes..." until end]


I can't resist adding this link to a live version (which I've just discovered).

(No, I don't speak Portuguese, but it's close enough to Spanish for me to understand these lyrics. And I love this song so much that I've learned the lyrics... and sing it. [I can't sing along right now, because I'm in a cybercafé, but I've replayed it at least 4 times while typing all this out.])

I hope that it means something to you. (And if Eric likes it, you might decide to let him read the translation. [HINT HINT HINT!!!])

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