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Last night was, amazing! I thought about a lot of what the counselor was telling me, what the people on the forum I read was saying and changed the way I listened to my husband. I put away the bad feelings and tried to remember I am not always right.

When I opened my self up to what he was saying in stead of how he was saying it, I could really hear what he was saying. We talked for a couple of hours while we sat next to the river. Once I started listening and understanding what he was saying he started doing the same thing.

I really feel like we understand where the other is coming from and we both see where we need to work to make things better. I love my husband and I truly want him to be happy. Not just with his OSO but with me too. I want to be happy with him and now we are actually getting somewhere.
The talked ended in a glorious kiss that took our breath away. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. All of us.
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