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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hey, I'm glad I could be helpful to you. There was one other thing I had wanted to say in my big long post, and forgot after I started getting going. And that is: enjoy what you've got. Yes, put everything you are into the relationship, be present with her and with your feelings, and pour your heart into it. You reap what you sow. The future will happen and worrying about it now won't change it. I think you're in good shape.
Excellent advice too. =] I think what Meera said is very similar to this, in a lot more detail, too.

Meera, I agree with everything you said. Techie really treated you quite badly and I would hate to be that person. I feel he was actually more closed minded himself than you were, even though you were the mono. It doesn't help someone who already has problems with something, to just ignore them and make them feel like shit.

I say Cherry is closed minded to poly, because she told me directly, that it isn't for her. But she is also scared of it, which could certainly be something that is holding her back. A lot of the time, conversations are really between the lines kinda thinking with her. Direct meanings are few and far between. Everyone says communication is the key, but if you don't understand the communication, you don't have the key. It's something every relationship needs, and me and Cherry work on it every day. [and to answer your question, yes, Cherry is 18, I am 19.]

I think for the most part, we understand each other and will just see what the future brings. There's no stress needed putting too much thought into it. What happens, will happen. =]
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