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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
3) If I hadn’t insisted on honesty towards her boyfriend, would she have been willing to start a relationship with me?
This is – I think – one (just one) of the reasons for my being a Yeti [see another thread of mine: “Polyamorous and celibate”]. My insistence on the ethics of polyamory, and the VERY few women I come across who accept the two ideas of more-than-one-lover AND only-when-these-ethics-are-being-practiced.
PLEASE, before anybody jumps on me for suggesting that women in general have trouble with polyamory and its ethics (something I’m not suggesting at all), read that other thread, and pay attention to that phrase “the VERY few women I come across”*, which also plays an important role... as do my timidity and the fact that few women find me attractive anyway (in that way).

* I’ve been coming across many more women than I usually do [up in my mountains] since becomming involved in 15M and spending much more time in the city. BUT most of these women are young enough to be my daughters. And some are even young enough to be my granddaughters.

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