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I'm 3 weeks into the LDR with Mya (well, technically we've been in LDR the whole time, but now the distance is a lot greater). I've had a few times when I've really missed her A LOT, but otherwise I'm actually surprised at how easy it has been. I had faith that we could do it, but I thought it would be harder, since we got to see each other so often during the summer and got used to it.

It seems both of us have personalities which work for LDR, and our relationship has those kinds of aspects to it, too. I think we have a good balance. Both of us are pretty independent and have many things in our lives we enjoy and that occupy our time. But our relationship is also a priority for both of us, and we gladly make time for each other. Additionally, while physical touch is really important and pleasurable in our relationship, both of us also enjoy talking about all kinds of stuff, and feel that talking reconnects us in a major way. I think that's essential in an LDR.

I'm really glad that I'm able to give very little attention to the distance in comparison to how much our love enrichens my everyday life.
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