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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
My wife's car is like that. Once we get the engine harness replaced, and we can afford the $150 for the second key, we're planning on making a few spares ourselves. Check your owner's manual for directions on how to do it.

As for how I'm doing? Tired. Found out that the work big wigs are coming to our location a day early, so I had to squeeze 6+ hours of work into my 4 hour shift. Good news is, though, I kicked ass and took names, and hopefully will get some recognition for the store looking nice and neat. Downside is that I kicked so much butt, and that we're over on hours, so I have an unplanned day off tomorrow. I could use the hours, but that'll let me enjoy tonight fully.

I'm sorry that your hours got cut, but not sorry that we got to enjoy tonight. The first few days back to work with all 8 kids AND physical therapy kicked my butt this week. I promise to lavish you with attention this weekend.... I love showing off my sexy husband at weddings and family gatherings. You're a great catch.
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