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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
No disrespect intended (or taken) BUT,
This is a common attitude-and so hurtful to those of us who HAVE learned out lesson.

It's true-level of probability says she will be deceitful and disloyal again.

BUT many a person has accomplished the impossible and proven that the improbable can happen.
LR: No disrespect intended or taken on my part either. But I stand by my opinion.

I am delighted that you/Maca/C are the exception to the rule, and you will never hear me argue against a married couple working to stay together, except in abusive situations. But I know, or at least have some idea, from your posts here how long and hard y'all worked to get to the place you're in now. If the OP had stated how remorseful and repentant his fiance ( NOT his wife, at least not yet) had been, and how hard she had worked to rebuild trust between them, and how committed she was to restoring the relationship she had violated, or how they had worked together to find a situation where everyone involved was healthy, happy and supported, my opinion and therefore my response would have been very different indeed.

From what the OP writes, that is not the case at all. I agree with Mono when he said the fiance wants to use polyamory as a license to cheat. Not honest, direct, or loving. Not right.
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