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My husband is very well read and aware of the very same things Maca is. Albeit for different reasons though. If Maca wants I will ask him to put a reading list together and can email it to you.

It really seems to be a mind set. My husband explains it like our minds are like cross country skiing tracks. Its easy to ski when the path is well used, but try to get off the path and make a new one and its difficult. Its the same with many things in life really. Its all about neuro programming or something... Geesh, not really my thing to know the names of things. More of an ideas person, but something like that. Anyway, I can certainly ask him for the book he read on it!

More on hinders- I find that I become emotionally involved with peoples issues on here and need a break some times. I often get off the computer and my shoulders are pulled up and tense and I realize I have forgotten to breath the whole time. I need breaks now and then just to process! I think I mentioned this in another thread I to you LR.
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